Our Goal & Objective

Our Goal

  • Design and implement a statistically valid methodology for fish sampling.

  • Characterize morphologically each collected fish specimens initially with biological parameters, and build a gallery of the specimens.

  • Develop DNA profiles for the fish species and construct the fish reference genetic database, which will be useful for the study of native fish genetics, its evolutionary and conservation biology.

  • Optimize a robust eDNA monitoring tool for long term monitoring of aquatic biodiversity in various aquatic ecosystems of Nepal using the environmental samples.

  • Develop a GIS based landscape level distribution map of the native fish biodiversity.

Life of Project: March, 2016 – 2018
Geographic Focus: Karnali watercourse in Western Nepal


Our Objective

This project initiates a pilot study in Karnali river basins in western Nepal to determine feasibility of using cutting-edge technology to increase the knowledge about the species distribution and ecology of native fish through eDNA metabarcoding.